Steps that owners corporations take to resolve disputes

Disputes are common in everyday life. They occur between family members, friends, and colleagues. In an owners corporation, disputes are likely to arise between homeowners. Such disputes can be caused by many different factors, from noise complaints to territory disputes. Here are some common causes of disagreements that occur between homeowners. Parking and storage Garbage disposal and clutter Noise Cleanliness (pest and rodent issues) Owners corporation disputes can be challenging to resolve because the affected parties may feel that they have equal rights and privileges. Read More 

How to Evaluate a Suitable Commercial Settlements Agent

 Whether it's a commercial or residential building or apartment, buying property a tedious task that involves a lot of negotiations and paperwork. For buyers who are looking forward to such a transaction, it is essential to find a suitable commercial settlement agency or company to assist with the workload. In most cases, buyers consult real-estate agents on whom to hire as their residential settlement agent. However, the recommended agent is not always a suitable choice as far as their personal needs are concerned. Read More 

Five Things to Keep in Mind If You Want to Use E-Conveyancing In Your Next Real Estate Transaction

E-conveyancing is becoming more popular, and if you are getting ready to sell a property and you want to use this convention, you need to know a bit about it. In many cases, e-conveyancing is still in its infancy stages, but you can use it for some transactions. Here's what you need to consider: 1. Only select banks and professionals offer e-conveyancing. To date, 80 banks and credit unions around Australia have the capabilities to use e-conveyancing, and if you want to handle some of your next real estate transactions electronically, you need to turn to one of these companies. Read More 

Do You Have the Right Personality for Real Estate?

Carl Jung believed people's personalities could be characterized by their preferences  in three key categories: social attitude, perception and decision making. Briggs Meyer added a four category to the list (judging-perceiving), and the popular Briggs Myers personality test was born. Available in various forms -- everywhere from free websites to expensive career counseling seminars -- these tests have become popular for people who want more insight into themselves. If you're recently taken the Briggs Myers test, you may wonder if your results indicate that you would be a good real estate agent. Read More 

Why You Should Buy a Preexisting House Using a Real Estate Agent

Buying a preexisting house can be an overwhelming endeavour because it is a significant financial commitment. The concern that usually lingers in the mind of many potential homebuyers is, should they engage the services of a real estate agent to buy a preexisting home, or should they go about the purchase process themselves? While it is true that seeking the assistance of a real estate agent will cost you money, the benefits that you can reap by employing these professionals are many and far-reaching, as discussed below: Read More